Control the mice and other rodents by traps Catchmaster. The package contains a tray with dust-guard, can acquire protection refills. With this trap it will eliminate mice, reptiles, terrestrial insects, etc. 

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- These products are designed for capture and eliminate the crawling insects, rodents and reptiles small.
- Scientifically created with a atrayene assets, consisting of adherents specialized baits that incorporate food, fragrances and pheromones to attract their victims.
- The mice were are stuck in the tray, thanks to its powerful tail that is built in.
- To increase the effectiveness can use it glue tube Catchmaster for adquirilo in the section of spare parts.
- Not toxic, colorless and not inflammable mice glue trap, which consists of a plastic tray with glue and dust-guard like a fattening place.
- The parts of spare dust protector can be purchased in the section of spare parts.
- Indicated for places where the utilization of biocidas is not allowed, as food factories, manufacturing chains, food stores and when the environmental conditions ask for it, as in colleges, day-care centers, residences.
- Package of a two unit.
- Very easy of managing and placement.
- When used of like a fattening place dealer, the glue is not placed up to passed a few days.