Control and elimination of rats by traps rats glue board Catchmaster. The active and built-in bait helps to the efficiency of the trap. These products of very good quality, they are designed by the intention of capturing, of eliminating and killing to rats and creeping insects.

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- Composed by an active bait and an adherent that this incorporated in the trap. To attract and to eliminate to his victims of form sure, ecological, effective and economic.
- It can be used glue tube Catchmaster to increase its effectiveness, is acquired in spare parts section.
- Support with glue, not toxic, not colorless and not inflammable , which it incorporates bait appealing for the elimination of rats.
- It Allows his utilization of form flat or turned into station of fattening, for when the presence of rats is very widespread.
- Indicated for establishments where the utilization of chemical products is restricted.
- Package of a one unit.
- His dimensions are: 30,8x15,2cm.
- Of easy placement, it is recommended to use in the zones of step or where we detect the presence of rats.
-For to reject the captured rats, it will be eliminated by the trap, it is preferable to realize it with gloves not to touch to the mice.