Protector ponds, lawns, flowerbeds and seedling plants from nuisance birds and aninals with Jet-Spray repeller. Coverage area is adjustable up to 10 metres and 120º arc, crating a protected zone of over 100 m. It works by means of a sensor of movement that catches the step of the animal, activating the emission of a water jet to high pressure during five second, to deter the most persistent pest.

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- With this water-sprinkler it will be able to banish all kinds of animals that he cannot stand in his garden or vegetable garden with the dogs, cats, doves, sparrows, rabbits, squirrels, etc.
- But the scope of the water could be regulated, for the sensor of movement as the water jet.
- The water jet in movement is sufficient to remove rapidly to any animal that bothers inside the delimited area.
- It Works with 4 batteries "AA" and a irrigation channel. The water expense is minimal, since in every activation it spends only the water equivalent to 2 glasses.
- It can acquire them in the batteries section, because they are not included.