Adhesive traps for the apprehension and elimination of cockroache. Realized with natural products that they do not damage the environment, they do not produce problems to pets or persons. The trap captures to the insects by the baits in tablets, that there attracting and the adhesive that it contains. 

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- Package of 6 adhesive traps.
- The trap can be divided in 3 units mas small.
- In this trap the cockroaches are attracted, the cockroaches and other insects remain captured in the trap.
- The attracted is effective between four or six weeks, the adhesive tape very much more time.
- The trap can be used safely, since it neither is toxic does not even contain poisonous products.
- To place the trap, fold and it joins the ends forming a box, later a tablet settles in the middle of the adhesive surface.
- It Is advisable to use from one to two traps for every 10 m ².
- The most advisable zones to place it is, near pipe lines and under wash-basins, in corners and cracks, behind domestic appliances and buckets of garbage.
- Also it is advisable to place them in the soil and on shelf close to food, near wash-basins and behind the water closet.
- To place them is necessary that there is placed a like that tape of double the traps are fixed in walls and pipelines that are used by the cockroaches as routes of transport.